A door of hope

In Hebrew, Achor means trouble or affliction. The valley of trouble would be the place where she learns to see God in a new way. Through trouble, God was going to woo her back to His heart. He was going to get her heart back. In the valley of trouble, hope would be birthed.

What are you doing here?

Are you out of purpose? Have you left your place of assignment because of a situation? It's easy for us to run away from things that God commanded us to finish because it got hard.

A Place Called “there”.

Discontentment tells us that our present circumstance is the problem. But discontentment is a heart problem. It's a problem of a heart that will not be satisfied no matter what it has or where it goes. If we don’t deal with it, we will go through life, season after season discontented with everything that God gives us.

A Fruitful Vine

Nothing could stop Joseph; he was indeed a fruitful vine. No wall could hinder him. Nothing can stop you either. You can become all that you were meant to be in God. If you'll stay connected to Him, keep your heart soft and receive His strength to keep going over the walls. You will become a fruitful vine.

Godly and single?

Beautiful, godly single women seem to be a bit of a pandemic in the church today. I believe its not because there aren’t enough godly men to marry us. Marriage is an important season of our life. God wants you married, it’s His wonderful idea. But some things have to be in place before we can enter into this season. To get the results we hope for we have to do things the way God wants them done.

Rename Your Disappointment

When we realize that there is nothing God won't redeem and make new. We find the strength to take all our disappointments; all our sorrow; all our could have beens’ and place them at His feet believing He can make something good from them.


Have you ever felt a sinking feeling in your stomach after hearing someone’s good news or success? I have.

Have you ever tried to be happy for someone for their blessing and couldn’t?