Restoring a Broken Relationship

Photo by Kelly Sikkema Relationships often consist of two broken people. Any relationship no matter how great will have a level of brokenness, some more than others. Most people give up on relationships when they begin to see the brokenness. Not every relationship needs to be thrown away. However, there has to be specific things … Continue reading Restoring a Broken Relationship

God’s Design for Women in Relationships

Photo by Natalia Sobolivska What happens when two people get together and don’t know what the heck they are supposed to do?... Mess, confusion, and brokenness ensue. Whenever a man and woman get into a relationship and don’t know their designed role; they will steward that relationship in error. As women, what exactly is our … Continue reading God’s Design for Women in Relationships

Who’s in front of you?

the Holy Spirit whispered, “ He who refreshes others will, in turn, be refreshed.”


In a godly marriage, when two people are equally yoked it means they have the capacity and ability to do what God intended for them to do together.


It's very easy to be distracted from what is important, in a world of fast internet, social media, and an endless supply of entertainment. God's intention for us is to be present in every season. When we walk and do life with