Photo by Joel Overbeck purity Purity is defined as the condition of being free from anything that contaminates or pollutes. When we say that someone is sexually pure it means that they are unpolluted by sexual immorality. It is also possible to abstain from sex and be impure. Our thoughts can pollute us, our hearts … Continue reading 7 THINGS ABOUT PURITY


A soul tie is a connection between two people that takes part in the soul realm.

It takes place in one's soul; which is the mind, will, and emotions. When two people have a soul tie they can affect each other thoughts and emotions. They also can influence each others' will, that is, what one chooses to do.


I heard about fasting through a conversation with my youth pastor. He told me to fast to grow in God. I laughed so hard, I couldn’t imagine skipping a meal leave alone go for days without food.