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Jehu got up and went into the house. Then the prophet poured the oil on Jehu’s head and declared, “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘I anoint you, king, over the Lord’s people Israel. You are to destroy the house of Ahab your master, and I will avenge the blood of my servants the prophets and the blood of all the Lord’s servants shed by Jezebel. 2 King 9:6-7

In this passage, we see a prophet sent by Elisha coming to Jehu( he was one of the army commanders), and quickly anointing him as the next king of Israel. This is a strange story because Jehu was a very unlikely candidate. First, he wasn’t a descendant of the ruling king, and second, he wasn’t very godly.

Anointed for a purpose

There was a specific command given to Jehu by the prophet. God was anointing him as king because he wanted to deal with the house of Ahab. Technically, Jehu was God’s sword against the idolatrous house of Ahab. Jehu is anointed for a purpose, to take out the descendants of Ahab and avenge the killing of His prophets.

As we read through different stories in the Old Testament we see God anointing specific people for specific purposes. The priests were anointed solely for the service of the Lord. Saul was anointed king so he could take out the Amalekites. ( 1 Samuel 15:1-2) David was specifically anointed to shepherd God’s people and deal with their enemies. ( psalm 78:70-71) Solomon was anointed to build God a house, and the list goes on and on. The anointing always has an intended purpose.

What is God anointing you to do? The anointing of the Holy Spirit in us has a purpose and it’s often specific to the unique call that is on our lives. When God calls us, He also anoints and empowers us to do that which He has called us to do.

perhaps God is anointing you to be a prayer warrior, when you pray on behalf of others things happen. Perhaps God has anointed you to be a worshipper, when you worship heaven invades the room and God can encounter people. Perhaps God has anointed you to preach, or be a writer, or to be a lawyer, or to be a mother who raises children for God, or to be a kingdom entrepreneur, or a teacher. When we discover the specific purpose for the anointing we can be able to accomplish His purposes on earth.

Quick story. A few years back, I had a dream. In this dream, I was in a clothing store. I wanted to buy a dress. I was specifically drawn to a particular dress in the store. I picked the dress and went to try it on. But as I did, someone handed me combat pants and asked me to try them on. I was hesitant because I don’t particularly like combat. I half-heartedly tried them on and then took them off. When I did, the same person returned the combat trousers and asked me to put them on. It happened three times. Eventually, I took the combat pants instead of the dress. As I walked out I heard a voice say behind me, “Your purpose is to wage war”. That was the reason for the combat trousers. God was anointing me for a purpose, to wage war. I didn’t particularly like this purpose but it was what he had anointed me to do.

In the next few years, this statement wrung true in my life, I found myself in situations that required me to fight for stuff. I had to wage war for the calling of God in my life and for specific people in my life. I entered a season where God began to teach me how to intercede and travail in prayer for specific things until there was a breakthrough.

Sometimes we don’t choose the purpose, the purpose chooses us. Jehu wasn’t vying to be king, but God chose and anointed him to deal with the house of Ahab.

The necessity of separation

The prophet Elisha summoned a man from the company of the prophets and said to him, “Tuck your cloak into your belt, take this flask of olive oil with you and go to Ramoth Gilead. When you get there, look for Jehu son of Jehoshaphat, the son of Nimshi. Go to him, get him away from his companions, and take him into an inner room. 2 kings 9:1-2

Elisha gives the prophet specific instructions. He was to get Jehu away from his companions and take him into an inner room to anoint him.

God always anoints us in private. It is never a public matter. The prophet could have just anointed him in front of his friends but he pulls him away.

The inner room is symbolic of the secret place. We can never receive the anointing anywhere else but the secret place. The secret place represents fellowship and communion. It represents separation and consecration. It also represents a season of intense prayer and wrestling with God. We can never receive the power of the Holy Spirit just by mere oil being poured on us. We receive Him in the secret place.

In scripture where there is a public anointing, it was preceded by a private anointing. See also Saul, David, and Solomon… God has to first get us in private before He can release us publicly. Sometimes I see people being anointed publicly but there hasn’t been a secret place anointing first. If men anoint you before God does, you are in danger of being taken out. The anointing in the secret place is what fortifies us spiritually to be able to handle the battles that will come against us when we are anointed publicly.

What we received in seasons of consecration is what will sustain us when the enemy comes for us.

Suited for the assignment

Jehu was specifically chosen because God knew he would do the assignment. God needed a man who wasn’t afraid to use a sword to avenge his enemies. Jehu was perfectly suited for the Job. I reckon maybe a little too well suited.

we see someone describing Jehu.

The lookout reported, “He has reached them, but he isn’t coming back either. The driving is like that of Jehu son of Nimshi—he drives like a maniac. 2 kings 9:20

Some translations say … He drove like a madman. Possibly indicating his personality. God needed a madman like Jehu. He didn’t need a softie who would wince at the command. He needed a commander and a warrior, and Jehu fitted this description.

God will often choose specific people because they are suited for the assignment. Sometimes we are looking at people doing things for God not knowing the price they had to pay to be there.

Maybe God chose that leader because he can lead even in adversity. Perhaps that person is on the platform because they are suited for the amount of consecration required to bring God like that. Maybe that person is doing that thing because God can see their ability to stay faithful to the assignment to the end. Sometimes we are looking at outside appearances not knowing that it’s never by happenchance that God chooses someone.

God will not loosely anoint people. He often measures to see if the person can bear the weight of the assignment or not. The glory is often as heavy as the assignment. Most people want the glory but not the weight of the assignment.

Jehu’s reign wasn’t necessarily spectacular. Even though he did what God had commanded, he went a little overboard and didn’t follow God with all his heart.

May the anointing in your life fulfill God’s purposes. May He find a suited vessel in you fit for the assignment, and may you be found faithful to the end.

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  1. Lucy, as always your post touches me and makes me reflect and ponder. The point of receiving the anointing in the secret first and then in the public space is such a good one. As only then you will have the strength to spiritually sustain the battles that comes.
    God bless you Lucy 💙💐

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