I have put together a discipleship resource to help you go deeper in your faith and relationship with God.

Spiritual growth is preceded by first building on the foundational basics of faith. We begin on spiritual milk, then proceed to deeper truths. The essence of discipleship is to feed new believers spiritual milk so that they might grow spiritually.

I remember years ago beginning my journey as a Christian and wondering where to start. I did not know anything about discipleship and my local church wasn’t offering a course on how to live the Christian life. By the grace of God, I was able to feed from different people…Sermons, blogs, books, etc until I received what I needed.

I wanted to give you what I wished someone gave me when I started. This resource will save you the guesswork on what you should be studying to grow in your spiritual journey.

It’s like a discipleship class with me.

It’s also an E-course on how to be a disciple and how to grow spiritually.

It’s also a Bible study tool. You can use this for your personal Bible studies as well as in groups with friends.

In this resource, I delve deeper into different foundational topics like what is salvation, the importance of baptism, the place of prayer in a Christian’s life, the love of God, why we need forgiveness and how to forgive, and so much more. It also has an accompanying WORKBOOK to help you go deeper into each topic.

Who is this resource for?

1. It’s for the New Believer who has the desire to grow in their faith but doesn’t know where to start. This resource is perfect for you because it’s curated in a way that will help you further research on these topics.

2. It’s for seasoned Believers. The one who needs a reminder of the basics of the gospel. Who already has a foundation but doesn’t mind revisiting where they started with God.

3. It’s for the non-believer, the one who isn’t a Christian yet, but is curious to know what this Christianity is about. I talk about God and how to build a relationship with Him in this book.

My prayer is that with this resource you will be equipped, inspired, and encouraged in your pursuit of God. And that you will grow unto the full stature of faith in Christ as is the will of God for us.

If this resource has encouraged and helped you, be sure to leave me feedback in the comment section. Your feedback helps others know if this resource is what they are looking for or not. It’s also how you honor my labor in Christ.

Remember sharing is caring, so share share share!

God bless you mightily!

Get your workbook here:

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