Power to Conceive


By faith, Sarah herself received power to conceive, even when she was past the age since she considered him faithful who had promised. Hebrews 11:11

Speaking about Sarah birthing a child in old age. Before Sarah could conceive she needed something, she needed supernatural enablement because it was impossible for her in the natural. But through faith, power was made available for her to be able to do what she couldn’t do in the natural.

Power for Impossibilities

Sarah was in quite a predicament. She wasn’t just barren, she was also past the age of childbearing. It wasn’t just difficult, it was impossible for her.

Romans 4:19 paints the picture for us, “Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead- since he was about a hundred years old- and that Sarah’s womb was also dead.”

It is easy to believe God for something when there is a glimpse of hope in our circumstances that He can still do it. It is, however, a whole other story when there is nothing to give us hope because it looks impossible. For Sarah, it was impossible from every angle for her to conceive a child. But through power, God is able to bring the promise to pass.

Power doesn’t come because it is possible. Power comes to us in impossibilities. Impossibilities attract God into our situations because that’s when He gets all the glory. People will not confuse our miracle with gift, talent, or ability they will know without a shadow of doubt it was God. So God allows us to face some impossibilities.

What impossible situation are you facing in your life? God wants to release His power so you can be able to receive that which is impossible in the natural.

Faith comes through hearing

We are told by faith Sarah received power to conceive. Faith is the Noteworthy quality here. Without faith, Sarah wouldn’t have been able to receive the power.

How does Sarah get the faith to conceive?

The LORD said, “ I will surely return to you about this time next year, and Sarah your wife shall have a son.” And Sarah was listening at the tent door behind him. Genesis 18:10

We know that Sarah didn’t automatically believe God’s word because she laughed. But something happened in the spiritual realm, Sarah was able to receive faith ( faith she didn’t have initially) through hearing the word spoken over her by God, and in doing so received the power to conceive.

Sometimes when God speaks something that is impossible in the natural, our first response is unbelief. We consider all the reasons why it can’t happen. But because His word comes with power, it doesn’t just come to us but comes to us with the faith we need to produce what we need to produce.

I have had things that were so impossible that when God told me they would happen, I laughed out loud, there was no way. But, because His word was spoken it came to me with power to have faith for it, and when I partnered with God through faith, it became possible.

In 2018, a friend of my mum came to visit. She had come because she wanted my mum to pray with her on something she was believing God for. That meeting didn’t go as expected.

As we prayed, she began speaking concerning the call of God over my life for ministry. (I had never met this woman before). It was so bizarre to me, First, I didn’t want to do ministry. I was sure God had called me to other things. Second, I wasn’t doing any significant thing in ministry, so it didn’t seem probable at the time. She talked about how God was going to give me a ministry and influence to reach a generation.

I can tell you in 2018, I had no ministry (except for the posts I was doing on Facebook- I was preaching to about 3 people). I wasn’t asking God for a ministry and I wasn’t even at a place to believe this word because I couldn’t see it. But because she spoke God’s word over me, eventually it released faith in me to believe God.

Four years later, I’m beginning to see the fulfillment of this word in my life. I wrote a book that women from all over the world are reading. I look at my blog stats and see people from all over the world reading my posts weekly. Eventually, even though I couldn’t see it in the natural, I got hold of this word by faith, and by faith received power to conceive and produce what was impossible in the natural.

Conceiving in spirit

Sarah didn’t just conceive a baby in the natural, she first conceived in the spiritual realm. Often, before we can see this thing in the natural realm, it has to be conceived in the spiritual realm. We conceive in the spiritual realm by faith, and then through faith, we are able to break through the hindrances in the natural until what was impossible becomes possible.

Sometimes, we are trying to produce things in the natural that we haven’t conceived in the spiritual realm. We see it in the spiritual realm by faith, and through faith and agreement with God’s word spoken over us, we are able to release it in the natural realm.

For a long time, I knew God had given me an online platform for ministry. But for about 3 years I couldn’t see any growth. I had done what I knew to do, I declared His word, prayed, and even fasted over it. There was something hindering me from seeing in the natural what had already been conceived in the spirit. But by faith, and persistent prayer, and refusing to quit I finally saw it in the natural. In 2021, something finally broke, and what had been in the spirit for so long, I could now see it in the natural.

We don’t try to produce things we haven’t produced in the Spirit because we won’t see them in the natural. When we can see it in the spirit realm, we can produce it in the natural.

If you can see that marriage in the spirit (through receiving God’s word concerning it), you will be able to receive it in the natural. If you can conceive that ministry/business/ job/opportunity in the spirit, you will be able to produce it in the natural. If you can see that deliverance in the spirit, you will be able to receive it in the natural.

We judge Him faithful

Sarah didn’t receive power to conceive by accident. We are told, “She considered Him faithful who had made the promise.”

NKJV says… She judged him faithful who had promised

AMP says… She considered him reliable and true to His word.

ISV says…She was convinced that the one who had made the promise was faithful.

When did Sarah judge God faithful? Before she conceived. Before she saw the promise fulfilled. When she decided to believe God and take Him at His word, she received power to conceive and brought forth a son. She didn’t say, “Maybe God will do it.” She came to a place of saying without a doubt, “I know God will do it!” When she reached here, what had been impossible for her became possible.

If we will judge God faithful even before we see what He has promised, we will be able to conceive through faith and produce what is impossible in the natural.

4 thoughts on “Power to Conceive

  1. Lucy, I was very encouraged by your message today. Really made me think about trusting and placing my faith in God even when glimmers of hope in the natural are absent.
    Sarah, doubted initially, sinned by taking matters in her own hands after that and yet she reached a place where through faith she received the power to conceive. It truly gives hope.
    And the story of your mum’s friend giving you a word on your ministry. Wow!

    Also, would love to know about the book you wrote and if you give me a link to it, that would be great.

    Liked by 1 person

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