As we begin a new year, what better time to make the changes we have been desiring in our lives.

As a believer, I have often incorporated prayer and fasting at the beginning of the year as a way of mapping out my year. I have leaned into what God is doing in this season. And I have made it a habit to begin my year with prayer and fasting for a period of time. I have been able to navigate a lot of seasons, some great and some not so great because I began the year with God.

I have put together a fasting and prayer resource to help anyone who would like to start the journey of fasting and prayer but doesn’t know how to do it.

I’m giving away this resource for free, to make it available to people who wouldn’t have access to it if it weren’t free. Take advantage and get yourself a copy.

Download it on your phone, tablet, Ipad, and laptop for your convenience. If you’re not a fan of digital books, then print it out and enjoy it!

A 21 day fast devotional. 21 days with God. 21 days of grace. 21 days of breakthrough.

Get your copy here:

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