Happy New year! We have another opportunity to allow God to write the story of our lives. What do you want to change in 2023? What do you want to do differently this year? we can make plans but Scripture says it’s God who establishes our plans. When we bring God our plans at the beginning of the year, we give Him an opportunity to establish them, or replace them with His perfect plans for us.

As we begin a new year, what better time to make the changes we have been desiring in our lives.

I have often incorporated prayer and fasting at the beginning of the year as a way of mapping out my year. I have leaned into what God is doing in this season. And I have made it a habit to begin my year with prayer and fasting for a period of time. I have been able to navigate a lot of seasons, some great and some not so great because I began the year with God.

I have put together a fasting and prayer resource to help anyone who would like to start the journey of fasting and prayer but doesn’t know how to do it.

I’m giving away this resource for free, to make it available to people who wouldn’t have access to it if it weren’t free. Take advantage and get yourself a copy.

Download it on your phone, tablet, Ipad, and laptop for your convenience. If you’re not a fan of digital books, then print it out and enjoy it!

A 21 day fast devotional. 21 days with God. 21 days of grace. 21 days of breakthrough.

Get your copy here:

8 thoughts on “21 DAY FAST DEVOTIONAL ( Free PDF copy)

  1. Just looking at your devotional Lucy. Just looked at the first couple of days and I love the questions you ask. It really makes one reflect and think.
    Fasting has never been a very significant part of my journey, for some reason it was not something I saw in my church growing up and not was it taught much. But last year the Lord has been drawing me toward the need for it and pointing me to various places in scripture and either posts or write ups about it. And I am slowly trying to incorporate it into my life.
    I would love to know more about your journey to fasting, whether it was something that you started quite naturally as part of your Christian walk or is it a discipline you later started.

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    1. Thanks Manu for your testimony.God works differently with each of us. So for you, the journey begins now and in His calendar it’s the perfect time. I love how God walks with us in such a unique way. For me fasting was something that God pulled me towards from the beginning of my journey. It wasn’t just a discipline, it was necessary for me to win the battles I needed to fight . My youth pastor was the one who talked to me about it. I laughed so hard I couldn’t imagine going without food. It seemed impossible …but as I began to walk with God I encountered such obstacles it forced me to seek God in a different way. prayer and fasting became such a huge part of my life. My journey was unique because I didn’t know any young people who were praying and fasting( even in church) as I did.so I did it through trusting the guidance of the Holy spirit..looking back I can see why God led me the way he did …He intended I teach others how to pray and fast with the help of the Holy Spirit. When God told me to write a book about fasting- I thought who’s going to read it? But I wanted to trust God and when I did…over 700 women downloaded a copy. I was so humbled to know that God was going to use my journey to lead other women to Himself….

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      1. Thanks for sharing Lucy. I am encouraged by your testimony and it reiterates the power of fasting and praying. I must say though I have not managed to accomplish going without food yet. I do a partial one because I end up getting headaches when I do not eat and then struggle to spend time in prayer or reading the word. I am hoping to eventually get to that place but at the moment feel far from it.

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      2. You’re welcome. Don’t worry it’s a slow journey because we have to train our mind and body to go without food even partially. You are doing great, God isn’t interested in fasting as He is interested with our heart’s posture. Headaches…I know… when I began I used to do a 12 hr and I would keep watching the clock because I couldn’t wait to break the fast( I don’t know if I got anything done😁)…Don’t stop, keep going like with prayer and studying the word, it will become easier with time. The flesh eventually stops screaming and begins to submit to your spirit😀

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      3. True, it is necessary to remember that God looks at our hearts posture and it does take some practice to train our mind and body.
        I must say I do feel better hearing that it was not easy when you started off. Thanks for the encouragement Lucy. God bless you 🤗

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