In The Delay…

So when he heard that Lazarus was sick, he stayed where he was two more days.

John 11: 6  NIV

Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha were close friends of Jesus. So when Lazarus fell sick they sent a word to Jesus to come heal him. But we are told that when Jesus heard that Lazarus was sick, he stayed where he was two more days.

Mary and Martha were expecting Jesus to show up huffing and puffing to heal their brother. A day passed, and another…still no sign of Jesus. He had deliberately chosen not to come to their aid.

Like Mary and Martha, I have found myself in a similar predicament many a time. I had felt that if God didn’t show up at that specific moment, it would be too late. But even in my panic praying, God didn’t seem to share in my urgency.

Sis, even the doors I watched close, He has reopened them in His timing. Sometimes, God wants us to learn He is the one who opens doors that no man can shut. Human timing will not close the doors that God has opened for us. If you have been waiting on God for something and time has run out, don’t lose hope. He will re-open those doors for you in His timing.

Today, I’m grateful for the things God didn’t give me when I thought I needed them. I’m grateful for the doors He closed because they led me to greater doors. I’m grateful for what didn’t work out because it made way for better things.

Delay can make us feel like God is cruel. But, God always sees things from an eternal perspective when ours is momentary.

In the delay , God is often working on getting something He would otherwise not get out of us.

What kind of delay are you in? A relationship that needs  healing and restoration? An opportunity that is slipping away? Getting married and having kids? A dream to be fulfilled?

Here are some things we can do in delay;

Hold on to the promise. Did God give you a promise concerning that situation? Then hold on to the promise and don’t quit until you see its fulfillment. He is good on His word.

God assures us, for still, the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. Habakkuk 2:3 ESV

Some things have an appointed time. There are also other things that need to work together with what we are waiting for. Sometimes God is preparing us or preparing the people who need to go with us, or God is preparing the promise for us. The promise will not prove false, even when it seems delayed.

Praise God for the answer. It seems counterproductive to thank God for something we don’t have yet. But faith isn’t what we can see, it’s what we can’t see but are convinced is there. Because we have believed Him we praise Him in the delay. We thank Him because we know He is working.

We are told of Abraham, that when the promise was delayed, he did not doubt or waver in unbelief concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong and empowered by faith, giving glory to God, being fully convinced that God had the power to do what he had promised. Romans 4: 20-21 AMP

Abraham’s ability to praise even in delay came from his faith in the One who had the power to fulfill the promise.

Don’t take matters into your own hands. Whenever God seems late there is always the temptation to take matters into our own hands. In Samuel 13:8-10 it says, Now saul had waited seven days, according to the appointed time which Samuel had set, but Samuel had not come to Gilgal, and the people were scattering away from Saul. So Saul said, “ Bring me the burnt offering and the peace offerings .” And he offered the burnt offering [ which he was forbidden to do]. As soon as he finished offering the burnt offering, Samuel came;

Saul waits seven days but when Samuel is delayed he disobeyed God. Often disobedience comes in where we think God will not show up. Immediately Saul was done, Samuel showed up. You could be on the verge of giving up right when God is about to show up.

Remember God is always on time. Sometimes it’s not the timing we expected Him to come. In human terms, it might seem like God is too late but according to His clock, he isn’t late. when He shows up the timing will be just right.

Continue to be firm in faith. Hastiness is a temptation that comes when faith is lacking. Whoever believes firmly will not act hastily. Isaiah 28:16 ISV The evidence that our faith is firm is that we will not act in haste. When we firmly believe, even when He seems delayed we will patiently wait for Him.

Martha and Mary’s delay ended in a resurrection (John 11:43-44). God will resurrect those things that you think are beyond repair; those are beyond redemption and restore those things you think are lost.


Father, thank you because even in the delay, your timing is perfect. I choose to trust in your timing. I’m letting go of my timing, even if I can’t see how you will work things out. I trust you and continue to hold onto your promise. In Jesus name Amen!

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