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Last week we covered what is a soul tie and the different types of soul ties (tap to read post) we can find ourselves in.

Signs of an Ungodly Soul Tie

  1. A relationship formed outside of God’s will. Marriage is the only place a soul tie will be protected and will be healthy for us. Anything outside of this parameter will only bring us pain and brokenness.
  • An abusive relationship. It’s not God’s will for us to be abused, manipulated, and controlled. If there is abuse could be emotional or physical, that’s a sign of a soul tie that you need to be set free from.
  • A situation where you ended a relationship but you’re still so connected to this person. you may feel like you’re still in a relationship with this person, months or years after you broke up. This is a tell-tale sign of a soul tie that needs to be broken off.
  • A situation where you find yourself taking the negative attributes and habits of the person you are with.

If you’re in a relationship with an angry person you find yourself experiencing their anger. If they are moody and emotional you begin to experience their unhealthy emotions. Sometimes simultaneously, when they get moody, you get moody, when they are angry or irritated you get irritated even when you’re not in the same geographical location.

We can also find ourselves taking on the symptoms and sicknesses of the people we are in a relationship with. When they get sick you begin to feel as if you are sick too. This could be a sign of the existence of an ungodly soul tie that needs to be broken.

  • A relationship that is full of manipulation and control. you could be in a relationship with someone who uses your soul connection to get you to do things that are against your will. They manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to do. You are bound to their desires and whim. you feel like you cannot say no to them. This is a sign of a soul tie that needs to be broken.
  • A relationship that has more than two people. This is not a relationship it’s madness. If you are with a person that thinks you should be with them even when they are with another person, this is demonic and you need to get free from them. The consequence will be, whatever is in the soul of the people involved will find its way into your soul. Demonic influences, bad habits, sickness are things that can be transferred from one soul to the other.

How to Break Off a Soul Tie

1. Repentance

Repentance is necessary where we started a relationship outside of God’s will. We have to repent of any relationship that began from us falling into sin.

If you got into a soul tie through sex outside of marriage the bible calls this fornication. You have to repent of the sin of fornication.

If you tied your soul in a relationship that was outside marriage the bible calls this adultery. You have to repent of adultery to get free from this soul tie.

2. Renounce vows and commitments

We said in part 1 of soul tie (check the post here) that one way that soul ties can be formed is through vows and commitments we make to other people. When we want to get free we have to renounce these vows and commitments.

 Proverbs 18:21 says life and death are in the power of the tongue.

 Where you said, “I will love you forever.” You have to renounce the power of these words by saying, “I will no longer love this person,” “as an act of my will I choose to no longer love this person.”

Where you said,” I belong to this person,” “I will love you forever,” “I will never be with another person.” You have to verbally renounce all these vows and commitments to get free. We break with words what we gave life and established with words.

3. Forgiveness

We release forgiveness in a situation where someone caused us a lot of pain. You could still be living in the impact of this person’s betrayal, abuse, or hurt and you are finding it hard to forgive them and let them go.

 Unforgiveness and bitterness will have your soul tied to a person you no longer wish to be with. The way you break free and heal is by releasing forgiveness.

The moment we decide that we will no longer be the judge of someone. We make room for the Lord to be the righteous judge over them.

Forgiveness is not you letting them off the hook. It’s you setting you free so you can move forward with your life. Through forgiveness we allow God to be our restorer; our healer; our vindicator and defender.

Forgiveness also gives us the power back to not be victims of someone else’s actions and decisions. We become powerful to detach ourselves from them and move on with our lives.

4.  Returning and Getting Rid of Gifts

Gifts can give life to soul ties. Gifts are powerful in the spiritual realm. To break free we need to return or get rid of the gifts we received from the person.

 For instance rings, rings are symbolic of an unending love or covenant. if you keep a ring it may give life to a relationship that has ended. It may also prevent you from moving forward with your life. Engagement rings are symbolic of commitment and promises of unending covenant. Returning rings break the power of those commitments and promises.

Getting rid of stuff that is a representation of that relationship will help you not have reminders of something that has died, or something that needs to die and stay buried.

5.  Verbally Renounce the Soul Tie with This Person

Say I renounce any ungodly soul tie that formed between myself and ————— (insert their name) in Jesus name

I now break and severe any tie between me and —————— and as an act of my will I remove myself from this connection in Jesus name.

Jesus, I ask you to restore my soul, any parts of my soul fractured and left with this person. Restore them back to me, wash me, and make me whole.

I also ask that you restore any parts of their soul that were left with me. Wash them and make them whole.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have soul-tied yourself. It doesn’t matter how many times your soul has been fractured. The name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus have the power to set you free and make you whole. God will give you the power of a new life and you will be able to move forward and have a fresh start.

 This is the beauty of the grace of God; He doesn’t just restore things like they were, He makes them completely new as if they were never broken.

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